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PS Malik speaks on: Sex and Meditation are two alternative ways to begin with .

Sex and Meditation are two alternative ways to begin with …

People come and ask me if sex is a taboo to attain awakening. And I always explain them that awakening and sex are two different stages. Awakening is a state of existence and sex may be used as a means to attain that state of existence. Sex is like a jungle. It allures people with its flowers; its fragrances; its fruits. But it offers a risk also. The risk of being lost inside it is there; and hence, mostly people have a fear of being lost in this jungle of flowers, fragrances and fruits. I ask my pupil that the journey for bliss cannot start with a fear. You start it with fearlessness. Do not be scared of sex. It is not scary. It is merely alluring; alluring to take you astray so long as you are not aware of the sex itself.


The basis of all sins is your ignorance. You are ignorant of sex and you have made it a sin; a taboo. You are ignorant of awakening and you have made it a ritual; a penance. You are ignorant of meditation and you have made it a mystical practice; an esoteric formula. When you enter meditation; when you start entering it you find that it was not so complicated as it was described by the experts.

Experts always make the things incomprehensible. They put simple things with such a great extensions of “ifs” and “buts” that a common person cannot understand it. The same has happened to both of the sex and the meditation. Both are very simple but Pundits have made them burdensome.

Sex is one of the natural tendencies of the body. Restraining it is unnatural. There are those who say avoid sex. They teach their lesson plans to people and the people find it difficult. On the other hand are those who preach to enjoy it like an animal. They induce you to the limits of pornographic domain to earn their monetary benefits. A common man finds himself in a fix. The first approach restrains you of your natural requirements and the second one drains you of your money, your self and the all.

I have shown my children, my pupils that a third option is also there. Both of the aforesaid groups mislead you only because of your ignorance. My point is – Just Be Awakened. Stop sleeping in a sleep of ignorance. Gurus, professionals, pornographers could mislead you only because you were not awakened – neither about the sex nor about the meditation.

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Sex and Meditation are two alternative ways to begin with …

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