Experience the Death

Experience the Death

Death liberates you of your ego. If you are a chemical composition, as the scientists say then you are dissolved after the death. Nothing remains because there was nothing ever before. There was nothing eternal, there was nothing universal and there was nothing individual.

This view says that you were simply a chemical reaction. The death brings this chemical reaction to an end and leaves nothing to boast of.

Every night before you go to sleep, have a few minute outing, out of the body. Just practice will make you perfect. And you can do it very easily -- that’s why you are so afraid. People who cannot do it or who are not able to do it will not be so afraid. They know that they are imagining. But you really go, so that's why you become so scared. It is natural.

When you start doing it, you feel completely scared in the beginning. This shows that you are on the right path. You are getting rid of timed out concepts formed in your personality, particularly at an early age. These concepts usually develop as phobias and manias during the course of time. Going out of your physical bodies makes you fresh; throws all unnecessary burden away from your soul and sheds your phobias and irresistible manias.

An out-of-the-body experience is such a drastic one. Coming out of the body is disorienting for the whole system of your body. It happens only in death or in such methods. But these methods can bring you to a great realization. Once you become skilful in going out and coming in, then you know that there is no death. Then you have come to know your own deathlessness. So it is worth it; whatsoever the cost, it is worth it.

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This article tells a death like experience with the help of Yoga.

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