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PS Malik speaks on: If You Remain Alive The Society Will Not..

PS Malik speaks on: If You Remain Alive The Society Will Not..

The message in this article is new. It may startle a few readers. If it is so you repeat reading this article and do so by the time this entire vision is clear on you. Thereafter it is upon you to choose it or reject it.

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After your coming to this world no one asked you about your choice regarding your name, caste, religion, morality, ethics and the content of the books given to you for reading. All these things have been imbibed in your mind as 'essential's. For example if you belong to a religion X, then all scriptures of that religion were emptied in your brain. You were made to cram all these. Sometimes in consciousness and some other times in unconsciousness; you were continuously given a feed of values; values of religion, values of morality, values of ethics and so on so forth. This giving was sometimes in the name of honesty and some other time in the name of those values which the giver thought that it would be in your benefit to receive them. Only the giver and the given values were prominent. You were forgotten altogether.

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This is the real predicament. The one who is given a value system is in the last row. Only the giver and given value are considered of paramount importance. They are busy in injecting the values in you. They don't give you time to think over the process. They know it very well that you would receive these injections of values by the time you are not aware of the nature of these injections. Once you are full of vigor of your own, then you need no injection. Your social champions know this. That's why they don't allow you to think on your own. Before you are able to think independently they just want to fill you with their infrastructure so that your future thinking is always suitable to them.

Here is the problem, just focus it. They make you, they prepare you as a thinking machine for them and giving results to meet their requirements. They want to overpower your thinking faculties. They are successful to some extent; as you being in a deep sleep are allowing them to succeed in their plans. Your mind has become their warehouse and your thoughts have become a perpetually working machine, working for them. You now are capable to think only those areas and procedures which had been yielding products according to the infrastructure provided by them.

After studying economics for 20 years one usually claims that he is a renowned economist and is now able to give society something valuable. Just think what something valuable he would give to the society. He would try to duplicate his brain in the new potential-areas. He would duplicate himself in the future as he himself was a result of duplication in the past. This is a continuity of duplication. Duplicates are being prepared. The nature gave you a uniqueness and they have suppressed it and duplicity was filled in you. You are not you as born - the unique; but you are as you were prepared - merely a duplicate.

This duplicity is the problem of today's mankind.

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PS Malik speaks on: If You Remain Alive The Society Will Not..

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