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PS Malik speaks on: Living Life and Death Both

Living Life and Death Both

It looks absurd. It looks strange. It looks bizarre. Asking one to live life is unusual and it sounds weird. Every one will contend that he is living his life. He is eating, breathing and moving. This shows that life is being lived.

Here is a mistake. Living of life is being inferred from the food eaten, the oxygen inhaled and the distance moved. Life is being inferred from the lifeless entities. The life is being deduced from the non living beings. Something is wrong somewhere.

Most of the persons are lost. They are lost in thoughts of the things around them. They are filled with the thoughts of the things around them. They have thoughts of roads, planes, rivers, boss, money, God, peace and so many other things. In these thoughts they are lost. They are not there inside them. For details see “Imprisoned by Thoughts”.

Most of the people spend their lives without identifying them. Identifying them is nothing to do with spirituality. It is nothing related to sciences or religion. It is a merely first hand experience of oneself. Most of the people do not have a first hand experience of their own.

People do not come in their own contact. They do never see that they exist. They keep flowing out of them. They keep flowing out round the clock. They are never directed towards themselves. They do not talk to themselves. They do not listen to themselves. They keep their eyes and ears close for their existence.

The meeting of one with oneself is nothing difficult. It is the easiest thing one can do. People spend their lives to know others. They do not pay a few moments to know themselves. Some of the people may have some objections here. They may contend that they know their limbs, skin, face, internal organs, heart, lungs and one hundred other things about their body. They claim to know them. They utter that they can prove their awakening.

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Living Life and Death Both

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