Miracles of Yoga in Improving Memory Power

Miracles of Yoga in Improving Memory Power

When you fail to remember something, which you have experienced and are not able to remember despite several efforts then it is called forgetful-ness or loss of memory power. This is a problem of your physical body. Children, men, women, young, old all are suffering from this problem. Causes may be multifarious e.g. mental tension, excessive stress, sluggishness excessive competition, physical and mental weakness or head injury.
Food and the nutrients through it have an impact on the body and its capacity to keep the things remembered. One should take a balanced diet; and swallow it after chewing it properly. This helps in improving memory power. Remember all the things done throughout the day in the chronological order. This exercise improves the memory power.
Yogic Aasans are also helpful in improving memory power and reduce forgetfulness. Practicing Yogic Aasans coupled with proper food habits has a positive effect on improving memory power.


Yoga asana have excellent strength. Regular practice of these exercises develops the physical and mental capabilities. Sarvangasana and Bhujangasana are the two main asana which improve the memory power, grasping power and intelligence. Regular practice of these Aasans  cures all the physical and mental problems and thus improves the memory power.


Regular practice of this asana procures the supply of pure blood to the brain. This Aasan  has a positive effect on the pituitary and pineal glands healthy. It activates various faculties of the brain particularly the cortex and neo cortex. It is found to be having impact in activating the thyroid gland also which results in height increase.
Apart from this it cures tiredness, weakness and obesity in the children. It regulates their metabolism. It is beneficial for the eyes, ears, nose etc. It improves the digestive system by activating intestines, liver and ensuring the proper functioning of duodenum. It cures enlarged liver, hysteria, hydrosil, hernia and constipation.
1. Lie straight on your back. Keep legs together, join hands to the sides with palms resting on the ground.
2. Inhale and gradually raise legs to a position perpendicular to the ground. while lifting the legs support the back with hands. Initially if this perpendicular position is difficult to attain or maintain then the legs can be bent slightly towards the head. After a short time you will get perfection in the posture.
3. in the final position the elbows should rest on the ground. The paws should be straight the eyes should be closed or be glancing the toes. The duration can be varied. In the beginning it can be done for 2 minutes and then slowly increase the time up to half an hour.
4. While coming back keep the legs straight and bend backwards slightly. Remove both the hands from the back and rest them straight on the ground. Now, press the floor with the palms and get up in the same position as you had lied down, first back and then the legs should be laid straight on the floor.
5. After this Sarvangasana the seeker should do Shavasana. Duration for Sarvangasana and Shavasana should be the same.
Avoid this asana in case of heart problem, hypertension, neck and back pain.


This is one of very well known Aasans. This Rejuvenating asana is also beneficial for improving memory power. It is found helpful in curing backache, sciatica pain, slip disc, cervical spondylitis and other spinal problems.
It strengthens the thyroid, para thyroid glands. It is useful in case of asthma.
It improves the working of liver and is also useful in case of loss of appetite, acidity, diabetes and other stomach related problems. A regular practice of this Aasan makes the backbone flexible and healthy.
Lie down with stomach resting on the ground; place the palms on the ground on both sides of the chest. The elbows should be lifted upwards and the shoulders should be close to the chest.
The legs are kept straight with toes joined together. The paws should be stretched facing the spine and resting on the ground. Bend the head backwards, Inhale and raise the chest. The navel should not lose contact with the ground. Raise the head and move the neck backwards as much as you can. Remain in this position for 30 seconds. Repeat as many times as you can.
This Aasan is not practiced in case of hernia.

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