Who is the biggest Me, My Mind or My God?

Who is the biggest Me, My Mind or My God?

This is a question people generally ask. They want to know the hierarchy; they want to know their position in the hierarchy so that they become satisfied. They ask because they are not satisfied with what they know about it. They want either to repel the inconvenient part of their knowledge or they want a support to the convenient portion of their fumbling knowledge. But they want to know.
First of all the knower must know the things in his question. To find any answer to this question it is good to know who you are. It is better to go through some other articles available in different sections on my website e.g. the question of your identity, Imprisoned by thoughts etc.
You will find that you are a physical body having a mind. This mind has an idea or a concept of God. Then you are told that you are not a body alone but you are an atman a soul. You claim that now you know yourself.
A good number of you claim that they know that they are an atman – a soul. They know that there is a God. They know that the God is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. They learnt doctrines. On any availability of a chance you can a lot about you, your atman, your mind and your God. More learned you are more equipped you are to tell about you, your atman, your God and other related things and ideas.
On the other hand some of you know that you are a physical body; well proportionate mixture of chemicals which in their particular proportion create a sensation of self perception. You know hundreds of books on this aspect and further thousands of articles telling about the cosmological theories of celestial bodies. You claim to know the permutation of the celestial bodies, gravitational pull among them, conversion of celestial dust into white dwarf stars or the supernova via the state of being a star. You have theories in support of each of your arguments.
You know yourself either as a spirit i.e. atman or you know yourself as a physical body. Some of you might be knowing yourself as a combination of both of the atman and the body. Some others of you would be knowing yourself as a psychosomatic entity. Still some more among are possible who would be knowing yourself in some other ways, other permutations or combinations. Whatever form of your self you know is a knowledge; a knowledge of yourself. You have a knowledge of your self as you have the knowledge of parks in your locality, as you have the knowledge of rivers of in a particular state or the knowledge of human skeleton as given in the books of biology. Your this knowledge flows from the information you receive. You know a fact on the basis of an information as it is made available to you.
Your knowledge does not transcend the information. Knowledge is a result of the information. It is born of the information. You have knowledge about you is equivalent to say that you have an information about your self. You have and you receive information about you is the only predicament before you.
You know yourself through informations. You don’t know you because you are you but you know you because you are informed that you are you. You are available to you not as a direct existence but as a second or third hand information provided by other external source.
Your “you” is not available to you. Whatever is available to you is only an information from others about “you”. You do not know “you”.
The same is the position is about the God. You receive informations about God. You receive informations about God’s omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence and his compassion, justice, mercy and other attributes. You take those informations to your mental faculties, process them and then deduce a conclusion about God. You arrive at the conclusions of God’s corporeal or incorporeal nature, about the God or the Gods, about his gender whether he is a male or a female, then you conclude about the relationship web of Gods and their relative powers; the supremacy of one over the others, then you draw conclusion which God is subservient to which other God; so on and so forth.
You play a good mental game. You create God(s), choose the best one among them and destroy the others. After this you pose a question as to who is more powerful – me or the God?

At this point there is no need to answer this question. You know the answer.
You are not you; your God is not the God. Is your mind really your mind?

Mind is nothing organic. You intersect a body there will be no mind. There is nothing like a mind. You have a brain, you have neurons, you have nerves, you have a spinal chord but you have no mind. Mind is convenient names given to the observable brain functions, particularly which drive your senses or are driven by your senses.

It is an imprint of your past experiences. It is an imagination about future. The mind is a linkage between your past and future. The brain has undergone tests of the past so it has developed some involuntary evolutionary ways of working e.g. in a case of distress your brain will function in a direction to save you. This is an evolutionary development and has nothing to do with you and the God. Imprints of the past, imaginations of the future coupled with the evolutionary developments are known as mind.

There is nothing in your mind except a dead past, an unborn future and an involuntary movement. You are here and now. Your mind is everywhere else than being ‘here and now’. You sit with closed eyes and you would observe it. You and your mind do never concur. You and your mind are never together at any point of space or time.
Now, you do not know “you”. You are never together with your mind. Your mind keeps creating, choosing and destroying God.
Are you still in a position to ask your question Who is the biggest Me, My Mind or My God?


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