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PS Malik speaks on: Male needs Polygyny, Man finds Monogamy II (Solution Part)

Male needs Polygyny, Man finds Monogamy II (Solution Part)

This article is the sequel of

Male Needs Polygyny, Man Finds Monogamy I (Problem Part)

It has been seen through researches [(Jennions, M. D. & Petrie, M. (2000) Biol. Rev. 75, 21–64) and (KATHARINA FOERSTER, KASPAR DELHEY, ARILD JOHNSEN, JAN T. LIFJELD & BART KEMPENAERS] that Polygyny is a default mating system for all primates including humans. Due to cultural development the males and females in human society agreed to abdicate a part of their individual rights. Females wanted a partner who was willing to share the parenting responsibilities. The male on the other hand wanted a dedicated female who was available to him as per wish and who could guarantee the loyalty and the paternity of her offspring.

This agreement was for the convenience of both the males and the females. But it could not change the males Biologically. It could not change them from what they were created by the raw nature. Otherwise also the forced values are never sufficient to curb the basic instincts (see Spirituality is not the Morality).

In the lower form of life or the primitive societies a male had to dance before a female. Subsequently the male started showing body traits like moustache, strong muscles or valiant behaviors.  But in all these traits there was a possibility of serious injuries and fatal incidents. Intellectually developed male replaced all the show of might to a show of wealth. Now in the civilized world the most sophisticated method of attracting female’s attraction is the show of wealth by the males.

A kings or wealthy individual may marry many wives because of his high status in society and his ability to maintain multiple wives and their needs. This system is evident in Arab cultures where men have the right to marry multiple women but only the wealthy ones have many wives. The Chinese also allow multiple marriages among their nobility. These harems are guarded and protected not by the head husband personally but through some castrated men that have been hired for this very purpose. The alpha male cannot take a risk of having his wives impregnated by other men. In any such incidents the penalty inflicted is the most severe for an offender.

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Male needs Polygyny, Man finds Monogamy II (Solution Part)

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PS Malik speaks on: Male needs Polygyny, Man finds Monogamy II (Solution Part)

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