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PS Malik speaks on: BASIC INSTINCT

PS Malik speaks on: BASIC INSTINCT


A recently released M.I.T. study confirms something that men have known for a long time: the sight of a beautiful woman is sufficient to cause a man to think of procreation.

As the Associated Press reports, “Beauty is working similar to a drug," said Dan Ariely of Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Sloan School of Management, a co-author of the study.

Researchers showed a group of heterosexual men in their mid-20s pictures of men and women of varying attractiveness, while measuring the brain's responses through computer imaging.

The beautiful women were found to activate the same "reward circuits" as food and cocaine do. The men had a negative reaction to pictures of good-looking males, suggesting they were threatened by them, study author Hans Breiter said.

Breiter said evidence that beauty stimulates these primal brain circuits has never been shown. He said the findings counter arguments that beauty is nothing more than the product of society's values.

“There are lessons to be learned from this study”, said the researcher, “but they are not the lessons the media seek to draw from it.”

First, the fact that males are attracted to females is not surprising. The desire for procreation is known as an instinct. Thus, the fact that the male brain reacts to the sight of a woman in the same way that it reacts to food is to be expected. Men are literally wired to respond in a particular way.

Liking for food is basis of the life itself. Without food one is not expected to live long. If men did not like women so much, the human race would die out. It shows the working or you may call the mechanisms how the instincts motivate people. They are coerced to behave in a particular way by their instincts. This is how instincts work.

The result is that this all happens in a way the cocaine affect s the mind of male. Do you still remember the word – ADDICTION? The Research says cocaine is addictive, food is addictive and the sex is addictive.

The sight of a woman sets a man’s mind’s instinct toward mating.  This happens naturally; in a natural way. Now the society starts playing its role to maintain its order. And it is achieved through law and enforcement machinery.

[Those who want to get benefitted with this they take recourse of EROTICA. See the article EROTICA IS BORN OF PORN AND NOT SEX.]

Both food and sex serve multiple purposes. Food is not only nutritive, but pleasurable also. Similarly the sex is used not only for procreation but for some other purposes. The learned readers are well aware of it.

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