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PS Malik speaks on: Meditation Is a No Mind State

PS Malik speaks on: Meditation Is a No Mind State

Meditation is a state of no-mind. Mind is all evil. Meditation is a state of no-evil. Meditation is a state of pure consciousness with no content. Ordinarily, your consciousness is too full of rubbish, just like a mirror covered with dust. The mind is a constant traffic junction: Random thoughts are moving here, desires are moving, memories are moving, ambitions are moving - it is a continuously moving traffic! Day in, day out. Even when you are asleep the mind is working, it is dreaming. Its traffic is still moving; rushing with full vigor. The mind is still thinking; it is still in worries and anxieties. It is preparing for the next day; an underground preparation is going on.

This is the state of mind and mindfulness. This is the state of no meditation. Just the opposite is meditation. In Meditation there is no mind nor mindfulness. When there is no traffic of thoughts, no traffic of desires, no traffic of ambitions the thinking has ceased, no thoughts move, no desire stirs, you are utterly silent - that silence is meditation. And in that silence the truth is revealed, the truth is known, and never otherwise. Meditation is a state of no-mind.

The first thing is to know what meditation is. Everything else follows. I cannot say to you that you should do meditation; I can only explain to you what it is. If you understand me, you will be in meditation; there is no set of Dos and Donts.

And you cannot find meditation through the mind, because the mind will perpetuate itself. You can find meditation only by putting the mind aside, by being cool, indifferent, unidentified with the mind; by seeing the mind pass, but by not getting identified with it, not thinking that I am it.

Meditation Is No Mind State

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