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PS Malik speaks on: Male needs Polygyny, Man finds Monogamy (Problem Part)

Male needs Polygyny, Man finds Monogamy I (Problem Part)

Human race was evolved biologically and then it raised itself culturally. Doctrines, morals, ethics, laws etc. are all part of this culture which the human race has developed. But different localities developed their cultures differently. They have variations.

The manner of procreation is one such area where this diversity is more noticeable. In defining and reshaping the better and appropriate mode of natural and non artificial mode of procreation we have to delve into the psyche of human beings as a species rather than as a political entity.

Politically there is no difference between a man and a woman. They both have rights to cast equal votes and perform same or similar political objectives. But some people, after starting it from this political equality have stretched it too far. They want to undo all the difference between man and woman even that difference is far beyond the political domain. For example, despite being of different physical structure and mental psyche woman was forced to pursue a political slogan and were asked to do the same things as a man used to do by his very nature.

There are so many areas of such forced compulsions. It is not possible to deal with all of them here in this small article. For the purpose only one such area is chosen and that is – procreation.

There are so many aspects of procreation also. Culturally in Hindu mythology before creating this world Lord Brahma created five mental creations i.e. Sanak, Sanandan, Sanat, Sanatan and Ribhu Kumar. These were determination, joy, authenticity, continuity and the effort. In fact these were the five broad principles on which this world was later created by him. Out of these five basic principles the second is joy. If Sanatan (i.e. the procreation) is not coupled with Sanandan (i.e. the joy) then this would have been a mistake of the Nature and the population of this world would have not increased so smoothly.

Similar parables are there in Christian mythology where the Adam and Eve were blessed with the joy (apple) and temptation for the continuity (the Satan). They had temptation to have joy and procreate. All cultures had attached joy with procreation in one or the other forms.

Some anthropologists contend that this was merely a manifestation of a physically existing fact in nature. But this epistemological discussion is not the objective here. The objective is to implore the Biological truth behind these cultural metaphors. This article seeks to delve into an area of human existence where this Political Entity “Man” is a Biological Being “Male”; where the Political Entity “Woman” is a Biological Being “Female”; and where this Cultural Process of “Procreation” is called Evolutionary Compulsion “Mating”.

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Male needs Polygyny, Man finds Monogamy I

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PS Malik speaks on: Male needs Polygyny, Man finds Monogamy (Problem Part)

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