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PS Malik speaks on: Stress is an Opportunity

PS Malik speaks on: Stress is an Opportunity

Stress is an Opportunity

One has to become more accepting of all the ups and downs in life. There is a rhythm: sometimes you feel that you are in tune, sometimes you feel that you are not in tune; that is all natural. It is like day and night, summer and winter. One has to learn the shadow part of everything. If you cannot accept the shadow part you become unnecessarily disturbed, and that disturbance will make things more complicated.


When something beautiful happens, accept it, feel grateful; when it doesn’t happen, accept that too and continue to feel grateful, knowing that this is just a resting period. For the whole day you have worked, and in the night you fall asleep - you don’t feel miserable because you are not able to work and earn money and do a thousand and one things, and there are so many things to do. You don’t worry about it!

There are people who start worrying. Then they start losing sleep. They are not benefited by it. The person who has not been able to sleep in the night feels exhausted in the morning. Next day he feels more tired than he was at previous night. The person who forgets the whole day and accepts night as a rest, and goes into deep relaxation, will be able to live again in the morning with new eyes and new being. He will be able to accept the new day and welcome it. He will be glad to breathe the air again and to see the sun and people.

… …

When stress is there, use it as creative energy. First, acknowledge it; there is no need to fight with it. Accept it, it is perfectly okay. Stress is simply an indication that the body is getting ready to fight with the situation. Now you try to relax or you take painkillers or you take tranquilizers; you are going against the body.


The body is getting ready to fight a certain situation, a certain challenge that is there before you. The body is accumulating its energy and spirit necessary to fight. You are making body not to accumulate. Something is wrong in your action.


Enjoy the challenge!

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Stress is an Opportunity

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